What is a Sex Surrogate – Sex is the Least of It by Dr Tova Feder

Most people have heard of a sex surrogate – or surrogate partner therapy as its also known – but the vast majority have heard the myths and misinformation about what a surrogate really does.

In “Sex is the Least of It” Dr Tova Feder shares a wide ranging series of interviews she did with current surrogates, past surrogates, therapists who work with surrogates and others – who all have unique perspectives and experiences with surrogacy. I’d heard quite a bit about surrogates before reading this book, but the diversity and variety of the information really helped provide a well-rounded picture of what a surrogate does, why different people get into work as a surrogate, the sort of professionals who work with, train and/or refer their clients to surrogates for additional work.

Cover Sex is the Least of It by Tova Feder PhD 225x300 What is a Sex Surrogate   Sex is the Least of It by Dr Tova Feder I loved the title the first time I heard it — so many people have the misconception that surrogacy is all about sex. But there are so many other aspects of a successful relationship that people need to learn more about – communication, touching, talking, and so much more. These are all things that a surrogate can work with a client – to understand better and improve their skills.

I think you will also be surprised by some of the client examples the professionals share – and situation many of us probably never considered. But each of these situations involve real people that need help to have more satisfying interpersonal relationships. Funny thing – I bet many people will discover various elements of a relationship that surrogates could help them learn more about as they read this book.

I highly recommend this for anyone who is curious about the truth about what surrogates really do, and for other professionals no matter what their level of training about love, relationships, intimacy and sex. I have extensive training in many relationship topics through my Love and Relationship Coaching training – but I learned many interesting things about surrogate partner training and helped me to focus on some particular people who may be in need of coaching to improve their current relationships and also help them to find more satisfying interpersonal relationships in the future. And, isn’t that something we would all like to see in our lives?

10 Function Adonis™ Vibrating Strokers

There are almost unlimited types of sex toys for women, but today let’s talk about one for men. Its no secret that men love when their penis gets lots of attention. They enjoy other things too – but that’s content for another post J

Guys – lots have a talk. You love when someone gives you a blow job, and you can enjoy a stimulating hand job. When you’re alone and want some stimulation, maybe you’re looking for something more than just your hand and some lube.

That’s where the 10 Function Adonis Vibrating Stroker comes in.  It may not look big – but it is very stretchy, so you should be fine. Now slide your finger into the stroker and you will notice there are ticklers inside and they all all throughout the entire interior. They provide plenty of tantalizing touches to stimulate every inch of your manhood.

Now – there is also 2 other pieces in the box. One is oblong, unscrew the top and slide the plastic piece out of it. Slip 2 AAA batteries

Adonis Vibrating Stroker 300x300 10 Function Adonis™ Vibrating Strokers

19 Function Adonis Vibrating Stroker

into it and replace it into the long plastic piece. Now, slip the plug from the “bullet” into the end and you will be almost ready to go.

Notice on the top there is a place where you can slide the bullet. For the guys who aren’t familiar with bullets – they can be used with a sex toy to provide additional vibration and pulsing.  You can use the stroker like you would use any masturbator – and then test the 10 vibrations and pulses. Just slip the bullet into the hole on top of your Adonis Vibrating Stroker and push the small button. Each time you click the button, the pulsing or vibration changes. If you hold the button down for a few seconds, it turns off.

You can use the Adonis with or without the bullet – but definitely try it and see what you think. That additional stimulation on the head of your penis could be just what you are looking for.

Ladies – if you find your, hand or arm get tired when you are giving your man a hand job, try using the Adonis Vibrating Stroker along with the bullet. That can also leave your other hand or your mouth free to show his balls some extra attention – he will love that too….

10-Function Adonis™ Vibrating Strokers



  • Soft, tight, and stretchy stroker with removable vibrating bullet
  • 10 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
  • Push button controller with LED indicator and plug-in jack
  • Hold button for 3 seconds to turn off
  • Pleasure chamber with over 120 well placed ticklers
  • Ribbed exterior for a secure grip
  • TPR (stroker) ABS (controller, bullet) Phthalate-Free PVC (cord)
  • 5.5” x 2”/14 cm x 5 cm (stroker)
  • 2” x 1”/5 cm x 2.5 cm (bullet)
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries

Review – My First Jack Rabbit (CalExotics)

Are you one of the people who have never tried a rabbit vibrator? Even if you haven’t tried one, I bet you’ve heard of them. The rabbit is a favorite of many women and the men who enjoy pleasing them…. Whether you’ve used a rabbit before or are new to the idea, read on for more details.

The My First Jack Rabbit I received has a 1 1/2” diameter shaft with rotating pleasure beads for added stimulation and they are reversible. The vibe also has 3 vibration settings which you can use in a dark or lighted room, since it has glow in the dark controls. If you haven’t tried a vibrator with the pleasure beads – they are an interesting sensation. A unique way to massage and stimulate inside of you and the ability to reverse the rotation adds some interesting variety.

My First Jack Rabbit (CalExotics) Shed Your Inhibitions
First Jack Rabbit 2 300x300 Review   My First Jack Rabbit (CalExotics)
Very Good Introduction to Rabbit Vibes
How it Works - Easy to Use
Cleaning and Maintenance - Easy
Long Term Appeal - Good, May Upgrade Later
Value - Good
This is a great rabbit to try for the first time and if/when you find that you enjoy the rabbit design, you may want to upgrade to a similar toy – and there are many to choose from. This will help you see if you like a rabbit vibe and there are many ways to upgrade later on.

In case you don’t understand why its called a “rabbit” vibrator… its because of the “rabbit” ears which stimulate the clitoris and surrounding area while you’re using this toy. As you increase the vibration, you can also increase the intensity of the rabbit ears. I recommend that you experiment with different positions, intensity, angle etc – to see what feels best for you. And of course, different things will excite you at different times. You can also let your partner control the rabbit – and please you. Close your eyes or use a blindfold to add some mystery to your play and you can anticipate what you will feel next….

For something a little different, slide the shaft into your vagina, but turn the toy so the rabbit ears will tickle and stimulate the sensitive area between your vagina and your anus. You may be surprised just how good that can feel….

This is a great rabbit to try for the first time and if/when you find that you enjoy the rabbit design, you may want to upgrade to a similar toy – and there are many to choose from J

Master Sexpert Tips

  • Use plenty of lube for clitoral, vaginal, or especially anal massage
  • Be creative – this toy has the usual “rabbit” shape, but you can still turn it and use at slightly different angles to see which feel better for you.  Let your partner try many variations (you have 3 vibrations, pulses etc to use) and let him/her know what you like better. Then use it on them
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean all toys before and after you use them. This is really easy with toy cleaner or soap and hot water. But this toy is not waterproof, so be careful with the water.
  • Experiment with the rabbit ears to see what sort of stimulation you prefer. You may want to place the rabbit ears directly on the clitoris, maybe on either side or some combination. You can also move the toy – so don’t feel that you have to leave it in one place unless you just find the perfect spot. Just like a partner’s tongue or fingers, you may prefer the ears move around the clitoris, or you may like to brush them across the clitoral area like windshield wipers. Like I said above – be creative and see what you like the best.

For more informationhttp://www.calexotics.com/p-23913-my-first-jack-rabbit.aspx

  • Designed with the first time user in mind
  • Simple, easy-to-use Jack Rabbit®
  • Soft supple head
  • Flickering bunny ears
  • 2 speeds of independent vibration
  • Independent, reversible rotation
  • Non-jamming synchronized rotating beads
  • Easy push button controls
  • EZ load battery pack
  • TPE (vibrator) ABS (controller) ABS with Silver Plating (beads)
  • 5” x 1.25”/12.75 cm x 3.25 cm
  • Requires 4 AAA Batteries

Book Review – Nick Hawk Gigolo Sexual Positions

It is interesting to see what type of ideas people have for sexual positions. Obviously each couple and each partner will have their favorites, but with most things, I’ve found that anything can spark new ideas. And when it comes to the type of positions to try during sex – this is especially true. I haven’t personally seen Nick Hawk’s show – but I did a bit of online research before I got his book.

He is on the “reality” show Gigolos on Showtime which is in its fourth season and he’s been there since the beginning. He has a website where he has a “sexpert” section to answer questions and share his experience.  This book is one of the items in his sex toy and adult novelties line – this is a link to his full store – http://nickhawksextoysandadultnovelties.com/

Some of the things I really enjoyed in this book are the vivid pictures. The positions include difficulty ratings. This is how the book explains each type.

1 Star Basic Positions – Should be easy enough for anyone to succeed.

2 Star Moderate Positions – More difficult and strenuous. Take it easy at first and build up your stamina!Nick Hawk Gigolo Sexual Positions 300x300 Book Review   Nick Hawk Gigolo Sexual Positions

3 Star Advanced Positions – For the advanced, adventurous or crazy! Have some wild fun but be careful.

As you read on, keep those descriptions in mind icon smile Book Review   Nick Hawk Gigolo Sexual Positions

There are some familiar positions –

1 Star – 69 Woman on Top and 69 Man on Top

1 Star – Cowgirl and 2 Stars – Reverse Cowgirl

1 Star – Missionary and Doggie Style

However there are some others that may not be as familiar – I’ll include the name and star rating and let your imagination take over. When curiosity becomes too much, you will have to buy the book. I will mention that the pictures are very nice but there is very limited, if any description or explanation. So, you need to be good at implementing what you see in the pictures J

  • 1 Star – The Dirty Bird (threesome)
  • 1 Star – The Doggie Helper (threesome)
  • 1 Star – Have a Seat (threesome)
  • 1 Star – The Nick Hawk
  • 2 Stars – The Slot Machine
  • 2 Stars – Double Face Ride (threesome)
  • 2 Stars – The Reverse Lover Licker (threesome)
  • 2 Stars – The Standing Slammer
  • 3 Stars – Doing Work
  • 3 Stars – Standing 69
  • 3 Stars – The Sling Shot

These include positions that are lying, standing, sitting, upside down, one on one and threesomes… there are many options and I bet they will spark new ideas for the creative couples. Anyone who reads my reviews know that I highly recommend using your imagination and creative to HAVE FUN!

Master Sexpert Tips

  • Find several 1 Star positions that look familiar and see if Nick suggests a twist that you haven’t tried before.
  • After the try several 1 Star positions, find some 2 Star positions that look possible and work up to them. There are some 2 Star positions that are noticeably easier – it may be good for most people to start with those.
  • Next – move on to a 3 Star position only if you can do it safely. Some are going to be beyond most people and it is about having fun and ramping up the pleasure factor. BUT we do not want anyone to get hurt.
  • If you and your partner have considered a threesome – this book could give you some ideas on how to incorporate another person in your time together. (If you haven’t had a threesome before and you are in a committed relationship, I highly recommend that you read this article I wrote about the pros and cons of having a threesome and have an open honest conversation first.)

So pick up a copy, flip through the pages with your partner and start trying some new things. Let’s have some fun…. http://nickhawksextoysandadultnovelties.com/1002-Nick-Hawks-Line-Nick-Hawk-Items-Nick-Hawk-Gigolo-Sexual-Positions-Book.html. If you have favorite sex positions – feel free to share them below.



Body & Soul Attraction Review

There are easily hundreds of massagers/vibrators on the market. We’ve seen all the shapes, sizes, colors and materials – but for some reason, there is a new one that catches our attention. The Body & Soul Attraction is one of those. It is attractive, very smooth, has 8 fun and pleasing vibrations/pulses and escalation variations. It is a powerful toy.

This is a nice size for beginners or more experienced toy users. The massager is 6″ long and the interesting and curvy shape is Body Soul Attraction Body & Soul Attraction Reviewenjoyable. The “iridescent Satin Finish” is very attractive, but it also feels very good against your skin. It also provides very smooth massaging motions on your body, inserted into our body or in your hand. It is very easy to turn on and off – even with wet fingers. Simply push in on the power button for several seconds – to turn it off.

The Body & Soul can be used vaginally or anally for teasing, play and insertion. However, I have to include a warning that you should never fully insert an toy anally – unless it has a handle or string that you can hold onto.  The angle of the tip can be a great way to massage your G-spot or to use it externally to massage your clitoris, vulva, anus, or nipples. With the wide variety of pulses and vibrations, you can tease and please your own body or your partners. body.

Like I always say – be creative, bring out the lube and have fun. Its great to try new things. If you and/or your partner don’t enjoy something, there’s no need to do it again. But there will be times when you will find new things that you do enjoy. Toys and massagers in particular can be a great way to break the ice and start to integrate new play and fun into your relationship. If you’re unsure – you also have the option to try out a new toy on your own to see what you enjoy and then share these insights with your partner.

Remember that its much easier and more pleasurable to help your partner know what you enjoy and what you would like to do with them – if you understand the things that feel the best for you. Here are a few tips –

Master Sexpert Tips – 

  • Always clean your toys very well before and after play.
  • Using a lube can enhance your enjoyment and take some of the pressure and concern away if personal lubrication is difficult for you.
  • If you or your partner use this massager in or around your anus – be sure to hold onto it tight. This material gets very slippery when its wet. A trip to the ER would definitely ruin the mood…..
  • Never insert anything into your anus – and then into the vagina – without cleaning it thoroughly first.
  • Massagers can be used in many ways on many parts of the body – experiment with it turned off first and then try it in different positions and angles. Then you can play with the different vibrations, pulses, and escalations. There are many options.
  • Have fun!

For more details – http://calexotics.com/p-23849-body-soul-attraction.aspx

  • Bulk Weight: 3.3(oz) / 0.09(kg)
  • Seamless, silky smooth massager
  • Pleasing shapes for versatile use
  • Designer iridescent Satin Finish™
  • 8 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
  • Easy push button controller
  • Hold button for 3 seconds to turn off
  • ABS with Metallic Plating/ PU Cote (massager) ABS with Silver Plating (décor) Silicone (button)
  • 6” x 1.25”/15.25 cm x 3.25 cm
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries

Gyrating Chubby G Review (Gyration Sensations)

Are you looking for a slightly different sex toy? Ladies often for the tall, dark and handsome, thin with muscles in all the right places. This time I think you will want to try a Chubby G. Trust me on this – you want to check it out.

The Gyrating Chuggy G is a little different, but it is attractive in some unique ways.

First it is shorter than usual – but it’s a great length to tease and stimulating that 2-4” at the front of the vagina that love extra attention.

Second it is curved to stimulate the G-spot. The tip of the curve is a bit more substantial than some of the less chubby g-spot massagers.

Third it has little vibrating nubs to tease your clitoris and all those sensitive areas that love oral stimulation. So, when your partner isn’t there to give you that awesome attention with his tongue and lips – you can get stimulation from the nubs on the Chubby G.

There are 2 energizing vibration settings and they give powerful vibrations from the 3 AA batteries. It also has an easy on/off button Gyrating Sensations Gyrating Chubby G Gyrating Chubby G Review (Gyration Sensations)on the end of the toy for easy operation.

You or your partner can also use this for anal stimulation and massage – if you like a little more hefty anal stimulation. The shape is also great for anal play since it has a solid base that will enable safe anal play. However, if you’re new  to anal play, you should ease into a toy of this diameter. Either way – be sure to use plenty of your favorite lube – but don’t use a silicone lube, since this is a silicone toy and that lube will ruin the toy.

Master Sexpert Tips – Some tips for you and your partner. Remember, you can have fun with the Gyrating Chubby G alone or with your partner…

  • use your imagination
  • when stimulating the g-spot remember that it will feel like you have to pee when you are very stimulated – don’t stop
  • use your imagination with your body and your partner
  • use plenty of lube for any anal play
  • never use silicone based lube with silicone toys
  • this toy has a lot of interesting shapes and textures – get creative
  • Have Fun and Communicate!


Gyrating Chubby G (Gyration Sensations – http://calexotics.com/p-23832-gyration-sensations-gyrating-chubby-g.aspx

  • Bulk Weight: 7.7(oz) / 0.22(kg)
  • Designed and sized for intimate “G” contact
  • Super powerful vibrating and gyrating Silicone massagers with extra girth and soft pleasure nubbies
  • 2-speed
  • Push button control
  • Silicone (massager) ABS (cap) ABS with Silver Plating (décor ring) TPE (button)
  • 3.25” x 1.5”/8.25 cm x 3.75 cm (insertable)
  • 6.75” x 2.75”/17.25 cm x 7 cm (overall)
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries

7 Function Silicone Luxe Empower Massager Review

Do you like the feel of a smooth silicone vibrating toy on your body?

Whether you have played with many massagers or if you’re just curious, this is a toy you should check out.

Its smaller enough to fit in the palm of your hand and the shape is great. Its easier to figure out how to insert the 2 AA batteries – and we all know that can be a challenge sometimes.

The design includes some interesting ridges and variations in the surface that provide some added stimulation. The top is also curved luxe empower 7 Function Silicone Luxe Empower Massager Reviewso that you or your partner can use the massager to stimulate that ultra sensitive area just inside your vagina and for many women, it should also massage your g-spot.

The 7 functions include a low, medium and high vibration along with 4 varieties – so a little something special for each person and each mood…

The massager can be used on any part of a man or woman’s body – it just depends on what you and/or your partner enjoy. But get creative and try all kinds of different erogenous zones. If you are interested in genital stimulation, note the g-spot suggestion above, the curved area is also very nice for clitoral massage and be very careful not to push the toy too far – but you can also use it for various types of anal massage.

As you are experimenting and getting creative – remember to try the various vibe settings, they can create very different sensations. Don’t forget to stimulate each other’s nipples and all around your woman’s breasts – there are lots of sensitive areas that will enjoy the attention. Ladies, you can really turn your man on, if you ask him if you can show him where and how you like to be touched. I can just about guarantee that he will want to help…

Master Sexpert Tips – Some tips for you and your partner. Remember, you can have fun with the Luxe Empower Massager alone or with your partner…

  1. use plenty of lube for any anal play
  2. never use oil based lube with silicone toys
  3. use your imagination
  4. when stimulating the g-spot remember that it will feel like you have to pee when you are very stimulated – don’t stop
  5. use your imagination with your body and your partner
  6. Have Fun and Communicate!

7 Function Silicone Luxe Empower Massager - http://calexotics.com/p-23656-7-function-silicone-luxe-empower-massagers.aspx


Waterproof Power Stud™

Cal Exotics has released the Waterproof Power Stud Curvy Dong – which is a penis shaped vibrator with a curved head. The curve is fairly subtle, but provides very nice vibration and stimulation on and around the g-spot. If you prefer not to enjoy this massage, just turn the curved portion of the vibe away from the front vaginal wall.

It is made from  Phtalate Free material – making the surface very smooth. The overall design includes life-like elements to make it look and feel like a real penis. Well — a penis with 3 speeds icon smile Waterproof Power Stud™ It is waterproof, so you can use it in the tub or shower if you prefer.

The Power Stud is a nice size – if you’re just starting to explore toys and want something smaller, this may not be the toy for you. But Power Stud Waterproof Power Stud™ with the 6″ length and 2″ around, it could be called a stud. The power button is easy to use, even with wet hands and in the tub. While the Power Stud is made of sturdy plastic – it is flexible enough to move with you or your partner.

If you’re looking for a nice size penis shaped vibe – this could be for you. And the curved head is a bonus – we could call it the cherry on top…..  Speaking of the top – the realistic feel of the head can be used for very nice stimulation on the clitoris, and the vulva – move it just like you would move the head of a penis… and enjoy.

Master Sexpert Tips –

1 – Always clean your toys before and after play.

2 – Use plenty of lube and especially for anal play

3 – If you choose to use the Power Stud for anal play – clean it thoroughly before moving to your vagina.

4 – Use your imagination and have fun!

5 – If you want to experiment with g-spot play – definitely use the Power Stud Curvy Dong, the curved head will feel good on you or your partner even if you don’t find the exact location immediately. But keep trying… its worth the effort.

Some additional details about the Waterproof Power Stud Curvy Dong – 

  • Power Stud™…Traditional designs with a contemporary flair. Body safe, push-button 3-speed controller, 100% waterproof.
  • Soft and flexible vibrators
  • 3-speed
  • Power packed
  • Push button control
  • Phthalate-Free PVC (vibrator) ABS/ABS with PU Cote (cap) ABS with Silver Plating (décor)
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 6.75” x 2”/17.25 cm x 5 cm

Review – Bunny Dreams

We’re all familiar with the rabbit vibrators. They come in just about every shape, size, color and configuration imaginable. And from the women I’ve spoken with – the rabbit design definitely seems to be a favorite. But today – I want to share details about a “bunny” vibe.

First – its a small rabbit style vibrator – so bunny makes good sense icon smile Review   Bunny Dreams It comes in 3 colors – pink, blue and purple. The toy is made from a very soft and flexible rubber – but for some additional structure, there is a bullet vibe in the center of the toy. However, for my creative readers who like to really play with and experiment with their toys – you can take the bullet out and use a finger or two in the center of the toy. You will lose the vibration – but you will have much more control over what areas are massaged.

The tip of Bunny Dreams is curved to provide centralized stimulation on the g-spot. And even though this Bunny Dreams is only 3.25″ long, keep in mind that the most sensitive area of the vagina is the first 2-3″ — so you’re covered. Of course, you can also use your fingers or your partner’s fingers in the center of the toy and then use the bullet to stimulate another part of the body… which area would you like to stimulate? Or, use the bullet on your partner while they use the Bunny Dreams on you — lots of possibilities. Like I always say – you are only limited by your imagination. Bunny Dreams Review   Bunny Dreams

Master Sexpert Tips – 

  • Use plenty of lube to make your play more fun – you can experiment with the amount and type to use, to get the amount of resistance you and your partner prefer.
  • The Bunny Dreams can be used alone or with your partner – and remember you can use it together or take the bullet out.
  • There are three speeds to play with – use your favorite or switch between them. Switching speeds can be even more fun when you play with your partner – you never know what’s coming.
  • With g-spot stimulation you will feel like you have to pee as the stimulation and arousal increase – so be sure to empty your bladder before your play begins.
  • Using a finger inside the toy can be a great way to experiment with finding and stimulating the g-spot. The size and curve of the tip can help you or your partner find it for the first time. Or you can use it with the bullet for even more stimulation.
  • If you use the Bunny Dreams for anal play – always clean the toy thoroughly before moving back to the vagina.
  • Always clean your toys thoroughly before and after all play.


For more information – http://calexotics.com/p-23724-bunny-dreams.aspx

  • 3.25” x 1”/8.25 cm x 2.5 cm (shaft)
  • 3.75” x 3.25”/9.5 cm x 8.25 cm (overall)
  • Intimate “G” with triple stimulation
  • Sized for beginners and advanced users
  • Soft and pliable
  • Removable 3-speed bullet
  • TPR (massager) ABS (bullet) ABS with Silver Plating (cap)
  • 1 AAA battery

Dr Laura Berman 10 Function Silicone Massager Zola Review

Are you looking for a little something to spice up your private time alone or time with that special person in your life? Well, this is a silky little toy that you need to check out. The Dr Berman 10 Function Silicone Massager Zola is silky soft silicone and it has an interesting shape.

If you think a toy has to be big to please you – think again and read on. The Zola Messager is 4 inches long and about 1 ¼ inch around. Keep in mind the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first 2-3 inches. The Zola is a great toy to stimulate and arouse that very sensitive part of your body or your lady’s body. The tip is also curved so it can be used to stimulate the G-Spot. The ridges and swirls on the Zola also provide additional variation and stimulation.

This toy also has 10 functions – vibration, pulses and escalations for each and every mood you have. It has an easy on/off switch – even with wet fingers. Its easy to clean and a very discreet size so it is easy to carry with you.

Since the toy is small, I highly recommend being careful not to lose control of it. This is especially critical if you decide to use the Zola Massager to stimulate your anus or your partner’s anus. It works great for some anal play – just be sure to use plenty of lube and plenty of patience.  It is also small enough to let your partner stimulate your vagina and/or your g-spot while enjoying oral stimulation…

Some of the ways to play with this toy

  • Vaginal stimulation
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Male G-spot or prostate stimulation
  • Nipple sstimulation and massage
  • Anal stimulation and massage
  • And much more….

Master Sexpert Tips – Some tips for you and your partner. Remember, you can have fun with the Zola Massager alone or with your partner…

  1. use plenty of lube for any anal play
  2. never use oil based lube with silicone toys
  3. use your imagination
  4. when stimulating the g-spot remember that it will feel like you have to pee when you are very stimulated – don’t stop
  5. use your imagination with your body and your partner
  6. Have Fun and Communicate!

Dr Laura Berman 10 Function Silicone Massager Zola – http://calexotics.com/p-23753-dr-laura-berman-10-function-massager-zola.aspx

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